600 Hour Programs : Video Editing


This program is based on the latest digital video production and editing technologies in the ADOBE Creative Cloud Suite and Apple iMovie and Final Cut Pro X. The program was developed using tutorial resources and documents made available by ADOBE and APPLE, leaders in video editing. The program prepares students to take the ADOBE Certification tests for Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X.

The program includes:

  • ADOBE PHOTOSHOP and how to sample colors, crop and tone. Practice working with Liquify, Puppet Warp, Blurs, Filter Galleries to improve a photo montage. Focus on Photoshop’s functions for video editing and export for various media such as Gifs, PNG, photo layers for After Effects and Premiere.
  • ADOBE PREMIERE and learn how to use functionalities to add audio and video transitions and create a video montage. Advanced techniques include four-point editing, nesting sequences and advanced trimming. Learn multi-camera editing, mixing audio and using Photoshop and Premiere in tandem. Learn how to set up a studio and a control room for video shooting.
  • Create animation with ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS, controlling effects, rendering and exporting; use text animator groups, create shapes with Pen tool, add compositions to 3D, work with masks; design a cartoon character.
  • Use 3D lights, add a camera, work in Cinema 4D light and 3D camera tracker, shoot a video with your smartphone and correct colors to add an animated video to your portfolio.
  • Learn seamless video editing from iPhone to Mac with FINAL CUT PRO X and how to organize workflow with massive collection of instant shoots; sort out audio sections. Assemble clips, practice precision editor and add built-in special effects to videos with Final Cut Pro X. Create special effects and use libraries to create and edit videos in Mac environment for your portfolio.