The School

Technology and Media School, in the heart of Manhattan, is proud to be a professional school with one goal: giving students the training they’ll need to be operational from the start of their career.

Our only focus: teaching information and communications technologies, the growth drivers of the 21st-century economy. A new school in New York City, Technology and Media School has relied on the expertise of a leading European higher-education group, IONIS Education Group, to develop its project-based teaching method. Benefiting from IONIS’s nearly 40 years of steady dialogue with different industries, Technology and Media School combines theory and practice to train job-ready graduates in specific fields of study.

With distance learning or on site at our Times Square location, classes are limited to 20 students. This allows for continuous interaction between teachers and students – an important driver for work-type projects. Courses are also designed to allow you to reach your goal within a manageable timeframe:

3 hours, 4 days a week over 2 months for the 100-hour programs

4 hours, 5 days a week over 7 months for the 600-hour intensive programs for full professional training

Coding, Web Design, Video Editing and Audio Editing

Our focus is on today’s digital world and the skills it requires:

  • Coding in Python: Python is a high-level versatile language that can be used in multiple tasks from web development to machine learning.
  • Coding in Java: Java is a language designed to create sophisticated applications that can run on different environments.
  • Coding in C++: C++ is a general-purpose language used for many tasks, from developing operating systems to games. It supports procedural, object-oriented or functional programming.
  • Web Design: Every website needs development and visual content which requires technological skills and creativity, made possible by a range of ADOBE software.
  • Video Editing: From real-life snapshots to short movies, videos are omnipresent thanks to our smartphones. Learn animation and special effects, developed with ADOBE software, to bring your creativity to the new frontier of visual communication.
  • Audio Editing: The must-have skill for full-scale multimedia and music creation made possible with AVID Pro Tools technology