100 Hour Programs : Audio Editing

Learn how to edit audio with AVID PRO TOOLS and take the certification exam. Master the use of Pro Tools controls and create your first session and first recording. Learn how to produce and edit your MIDI recording as well as mixing. Pro Tools allows to manage session and media files, record MIDI and audio, work with Elastic Audio.

Learn advanced mixing techniques and final media creation as well as signal workflow. Learn hardware systems, session configuration and track management, clip functions, automation, plug-ins and advanced mixing. Session management and advanced editing techniques are the next steps toward music production, including tracking and overdubbing. Projects include setting up a recording session, creating advanced MIDI production and fine-tuning audio.


The Audio Editing course will allow you to add one important skill to your media expertise. If you want AVID to certify your professional command of PRO TOOLS, you can take the certification exam. It is an additional 40 hour-training session, with tuition fees of $1,500. Preparation to AVID certification is available only to students or professionals who have acquired the required level of knowledge.

The course includes practice and testing preparation for the AVID certification for Pro Tools 101, 110, 201 and 210. The final step is taking the exam for certification.

This course is offered with distance learning by our school in Albany, NY, New School Center for Media