About Us

Ionis Teaching Method

Technology and Media School is a new school but it relies on four decades of IONIS’s teaching intelligence in an array of sectors, from technology to business and digital media.

Learning through applicative real-life projects is the method IONIS developed with industry participants over two decades. Today, this method is trusted by 29,000 IONIS students.

Join them if you consider a career as a software developer or web designer: you’ll acquire the skills you’ll need from Day One in sectors that are today’s growth drivers.

Our Focus

Information and digital media

  • We offer application-intensive programs in software development, web design, video editing and VFX Technologies as well as a three-month digital marketing course.

Job ready

  • Technology and Media School shares the goal of 25 other IONIS schools with 80 campuses in 9 countries: give students the professional training they need to build a career.

Your Environment

  • Practice in small classes which allows for a continuous interaction between teachers and students, often in a workshop environment.
  • Study hard: programs are 940 hours to 1300 hours. The courses are intensive so that you’ll acquire the skills needed in just one year
  • A shorter program allows you to compete in marketing and retail: master these skills in just three months

78,000 Alumni

A picture is worth a 1,000 words

Succeed with us and join the 78,000 alumni of 25 IONIS schools. Here are some of IONIS schools' graduation ceremonies.